7 Fashion Week Facts

By Simran Bharti

The fashion industry has changed drastically over the past few decades. Till a few decades ago, it was limited to wearing casual apparels while sticking to one’s comfort zone. However, the fashion industry has not only become more experimental but also influential and powerful, as a lucrative industry and also as what people now wear reflects a part of their personality and themselves.

A Fashion Week offers a glimpse at the future of style and provides a peek into the trends that are going to be most wanted in the coming season.A Fashion Week is a fashion industry event that, as the name suggests, takes place for or within a week during which fashion designers, media houses and brands participate to broadcast their latest collections via fashion shows. The event is covered by media houses and written about all over digital and print media.

Here are seven quick facts about Fashion Week:

  1. Fashion Week is now known by this name. However, back in 1943, the event used to be known as “Press Week”.
  2. The trends shown in the events are for the upcoming season and usually, this is how their names are decided, such as New York Fashion Week Spring 2017.
  3. Fashion Week in the Big Four fashion capitals — namely New York, London, Milan and Paris — happens twice a year in February and September.
  4. A faux pas at Fashion Week is talked about for months. No wonder everyone gets so conscious about what they’re going to wear to the fashion events.
  5. Fun fact about the celebrities sitting in the front row during Fashion Week: They actually get paid to sit on those front row seats that are reserved for the elite and A-list personalities.
  6. There used to be different fashion shows for women’s wear and menswear in which only female and male models used to walk the runaway respectively. However, now you can spot male models in female fashion shows and vice-versa.
  7. Not everyone can attend Fashion Week. Only members of media houses, interested buyers who own stores and boutiques, friends of the designer and a few other personalities are invited, usually by designers through their PR agencies.

Like award shows, fashion shows are covered extensively by the media, so famous personalities like actors, designers, brand owners, businessmen etc. dress accordingly for the event. Actors usually wear statement gowns designed by their own designers because, of course, while attending a glamorous event such as a fashion show, you have the opportunity to put on something breathtaking that brings out a part of your personality and is unique, at the same time.

You can check out the Fashion Week calendar here: http://fashionweekonline.com/fashion-week-dates

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