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By Shruti Mammat

Starry nights, twinkling skies, sparkling skylines Rooftop bars across the globe are quite omnipresent in our cultural lifestyle.

These following rooftop bars are “The mon amour” of the 21st century.Which definitely will give you a bliss of being on “Top of the world “

Rooftop bars (Image Courtesy : Shout from the roof top bar)

1.Refinery Rooftop Bar, New York

The Refinery Rooftop Bar , of the Refinery hotel is the crowning essence of the city that never sleeps. With an awe dropping view of the Manhattan skyline and The empire state building this bar is envisioned with an eye to perfection, class and sophistication. Open 7 days a week year round. Book a table in advance to score a perfect night with their famous creamy soulful Japanese curry, Truffle fries and perfectly handcrafted cocktails.Put on your crisp buttoned shirts, sleek ties and dancing shoes to tap to the taste of the finest New York night life.

Refinery (Image Courtesy : Urban Daddy)

2.Les Ombres, Paris

Located on top of Musée du Quai Branly, perched on the roof terrace, experience this contemporary Parisienne restaurant and bar with a scintillating view of Tour d’eiffel.

Les Ombres meaning “The shadows”, en réalite lies at the shadow of The Eiffel tower. With an elite environment, start your evening from watching the beautiful parisienne sunset ,to the start of glittery lights on the Tower as it starts to shine. Get ready to reignite the old school romance with a modern contemporary twist with a bottle of their finest Château Margaux, Brouilly and Chirouble and some irresistible Raspberry crème cheesecakes.

Les Ombres (Image Courtesy : The Fork)

  1. 1-Altitude gallery and bar, Singapore

This highest al-fresco bar in the world, stands on the 63rd floor of the one Raffels Place building with an enthralling 1000Feet above the Singapore’s business district giving a spectacular 360degree view of the Singaporean skyline including, The Famous Marina bay sands, Singapore flyer and many more. Dancing to their renowned international Djs , you can enjoy their oh so refreshing signature cocktail The Zen breeze-a mixture of vodka, lemon grass, green tea and mint.Alongside the progressive Australian cuisine,for an exceptional evening.

1-Attitude (Image Courtesy : Pinterest)

4.Rock Bar, Bali

Witness this inventive architectural marvel,this roof-top bar aka, rock-top bar is located 14 meters above the sea level on the Indian ocean at Ayana resort and spa, accessible by the exciting hotel cliff inclinator. Start your evening with one of the best sunsets in the world marveling at  the surreal beauty and enjoying the gushing breeze.With the Dj booth carved right into the cliff, enjoy the sound of great music accompanied by, the sound of whimsical oceanic waves, and breathtaking view offered by a wonderful collection of Tapas and cocktails. Since this rooftop bar is high on demand, for it’s Design and remarkable view, prior reservations are highly recommended for an uninterrupted evening.

Rock Bar (Image Courtesy :Foody)

5.Luna Rooftop and Tapas Bar, San Miguel de Allende

In the heart of this colonial-era city influenced by its spectacular baroque and Spanish Architecture,Located in Central Mexico in the Rosewood hotel,Luna Rooftop bar is the psyche for art,history and style,in an old-fashioned yet mysterious way.With an impeccable view of the gothic inspired La Parroquina Church,terracotta,earthy brown roofs and lovely sunsets are simply ,the oasis of tranquility.The Baja-style Tapas alnog with The Oasis San Miguel made of angelica,green tea and lemon,are the perfect mixture for a relaxing getaway.

Luna rooftop (Image Courtesy : Capilla De Piedra)

6.Sky bar, Zürich

This not so quintessential and lesser known hidden gem in Switzerland is the parfait romantic getaway at the famous Hotel Eden au Lac. Known for its luxury getaway vacations, this hotel offers Sky bar a simple yet seemingly beautiful rooftop facing the extraordinary almighty Alpas and Lake Zürich. Offering world class Champagnes-Don perinigon to Möet et Chandon and some delightful Mediterranean Food and artistically crafted three course romantic meals for your perfect romantic endeavor.

Sky Bar ( Image Courtesy : Time Out)

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