Denim, The Denham Way

By Nikita Sachdev

Denim brand Denham differs from all the other mainstream brands available in the market by offering something perfect for everyone out there — no matter what the shape or size. The attention to detail and by a more bespoke or tailored look makes Denham’s denim stand out and sets the wearer apart from the crowd.

Founder Jason Denham explains that every denim has the usual five pockets and two legs and the best Japanese and Italian fabrics have been used along with heavy-duty pocket linings. Each lining is printed with the brand’s signature tailor’s scissors, which can be seen on the back pocket, and has been created intricately with 691 tiny stitches. Each pair of jeans has a ‘Chain Stitch Scissor Logo’, which represents a promise of quality from the brand to the wearer.


From L-R: Founder Jason Denham, top quality denim from sustainable mills & the signature scissor logo made of 691 stitches.

Jason Denham always had a passion for denim. The English jean maker set up Denham in Amsterdam in 2008 and his celebrity clients have included Irish rock band U2. Over time, the brand has added fashion collections for men, women, and children. Besides bottoms, the range includes outerwear, tops and accessories.

You would never be disappointed by the fabric quality of the denims since the brand sources the best material from Japan and the washing is carried out in the best laundries in Italy. The brand labels and buttons are also brought from the finest mills in Italy.


Denham sources its fabrics from the top Japanese denim mills & from the renowned Candiani mills in Italy.

The quality of the workmanship is evident from the elaborate use of fully tailored boxed-button holes on pockets.

The jeans enhance the shape of the hips, waist and pocket zones with a rough finish which gives it a traditional engineered look. Denham’s designs have a Drop Yoke, which is a creative way to integrate the waistband.To give the garment a tailored look, the brand has used a secret system of darts. If you closely observe the making of a pair of Denham jeans you will notice the ‘Subtle Darted Leg Shaping’ technique, which makes it fit like a hand in glove through the back knee and cuff. Denham does follow all the ongoing trends and innovates with a new and modern collection keeping in mind the market and the consumer. Earlier skinny jeans were worn by women, but now the brand is creating skinny jeans for men too as men move towards a more stretched and skinny fabric.


The brand’s secret formula is that it works for the complete satisfaction of the customer and its attention to detail is what sets it apart from other brands available in the market.

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