The Driving Force

By Shivani Joshi

Driving shoe first came into existence in 1963. The Italian company ‘Car Shoe’ was founded by Gianni Mostile, who designed and patented the first driving shoe. This shoe was made from very soft leather with rubber grommet soles to get extra grip while driving, which made it particularly suitable for driving sports cars. This shoe became a symbol of exclusive lifestyle and luxury driving. This gorgeous men’s shoe was initially targeted at a sports niche clientele but has now gained popularity even among hotshot investment bankers, entrepreneurs, designers or anybody with a classy taste.

Driving shoes come in almost any colour imaginable and can be paired with most anything, except, perhaps, with very long pants. If you’re looking for versatility, classic colours such as black, brown, tan or neutrals will go a long way. But for the weekends or that summer driving holiday, go for bold shades of royal blue, cherry red, bright orange or a baby pink and make a daring statement. There are also styles available with tassels, with faux shoelaces and those inspired by the penny loafer.

Whether in leather, sheepskin, nubuck or suede, the basic tips for pulling off a pair of driving shoes with elan is keep it casual, comfortable and wear them without socks. Driving shoes worn with suits or to a business meeting is largely considered a fashion faux pas.

Here are some brands that add horsepower to the driver shoe:

John Richardo has a collection of leather driving loafers that are comfortable, durable and stylish and can be paired with a number of looks. Minimal design and perfectly done apron stitch make it extremely classy. This is the brand to go to if you’re looking for a quality pair of leather drivers with a boost of sophistication.


The Patrizio Dolci driver shoe is for the young and vivacious. Unique designs infused with bright or pastel colours make them perfect for any outfit. Their designs team well with an alternative summer suit.

Made out of fine suede or leather with beautiful details, Ted Baker drivers can be worn all year long. With a comfortable driving sole, with tassels or lace detail available in every imaginable colour makes them a great choice for any occasion or outfit.

Versace Collection’s signature leather loafers define luxury. Available in quilted or embossed woven leather style, or with the patent accent, these shoes are great for formal occasions. Clean, sleek designs make them the perfect pairing with suits.

The final tip on driving shoes: keep the toe area clean.



Main image courtesy He Spoke Style.

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