Empowering Women through Style – with Shaleen Khergamwala

The Collective | Cover Story | Shaleen Khergamwala

As we commemorate March as a month dedicated towards celebrating the achievements of women, we delve into the inspiring journey of Shaleen Khergamwala, a young entrepreneur whose passion for fashion has led her to carve her path in the industry. From her entrepreneurial endeavours to her unique take on style, Shaleen embodies confidence, creativity, and empowerment.

In her entrepreneurial journey, Shaleen’s boldness and creativity shine through. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, she seized the opportunity to launch her fashion swimwear brand, Flawed. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, she recognized the emerging demand for loungewear and tie-dye fashion. Leveraging her vision and determination, she transformed adversity into opportunity, laying the foundation for her fashion empire.

Gilded Glamour Galore

Shaleen Khergamwala’s typical day is a bustling mix of creativity and entrepreneurship. Juggling various roles as a content creator and entrepreneur, she finds comfort in casual yet stylish attire. Opting for cozy loungewear and tie-dye pieces, Shaleen’s day-to-day wardrobe reflects her commitment to comfort without compromising on style. For her first look, Shaleen pairs a V-neck black pleated Ted Baker dress adorned with hues of metallic gold, creating an ensemble that seamlessly blends comfort with chic sophistication. This outfit not only allows her to navigate her busy schedule with ease but also serves as a stylish expression of her vibrant personality.

When in Fred, You Are Ahead

 In her second look, Shaleen embraces simplicity and timeless elegance. As an entrepreneur constantly on the move, she understands the importance of versatile pieces that exude confidence and grace. Opting for a fitted little black dress from Fred Perry, Shaleen epitomizes understated glamour, accentuating her ensemble with a golden clutch from Ted Baker for a touch of sophistication and pinch of glamour. This classic yet chic outfit effortlessly transitions from day to night, allowing Shaleen to command attention and exude confidence in every endeavour she pursues. To elevate this look, consider accessorizing with delicate gold jewellery and a pair of statement earrings, adding a touch of glamour to your everyday ensemble.

Karl’s CityScape

For her final look, Shaleen takes a bold step into street style, showcasing her adventurous spirit and eclectic taste. Embracing the latest fashion trends, she pairs bootcut blue jeans from Paige with an oversized and trendy bomber jacket from Karl, creating an edgy ensemble that demands attention. Completing her look with a golden baguette from Karl, Shaleen effortlessly merges comfort with style, making a bold statement wherever she goes. To recreate this look, experiment with layering and mixing textures, adding a pop of metallic accents to elevate your street style ensemble.

As we celebrate Women’s Day with Shaleen Khergamwala, we are reminded of the power of confidence, creativity, and self-expression. For Shaleen, entrepreneurship is more than just a business endeavour; it’s a manifestation of her lifelong love for fashion and her unwavering determination to pursue her dreams. Inspired by her beach-centric upbringing and fueled by a desire to revolutionise the swimwear industry in India, Shaleen’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Her advice to the next generation of women is elegantly simple, “Tune out the noise of the world, embrace courage over the chatter, pursue what nourishes your soul”.

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