London’s Hot Tables

By Doniv Rian

For all its other charms, London offers some of the finest restaurants to its visitors. If you have the time to explore while there, check out restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines from around the world. 

Braving the chill, often followed with winds, through the rain-washed streets of London one could see the fancy restaurants in Berkeley Street or Covent Garden and other such high-end localities. Several stand-alone fine dining places pepper these neighbourhoods where the tony set wine and dine. Of course there are those which are part of the five-star hotels, but what makes London attractive are the restaurants that stand separate from hotels and operate successfully, so much so that without advance reservations in these restaurants, entry could well be impossible.

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If you’re looking for a lively evening, Novikov at Berkeley Street is a fabulous option. Novikov is segregated with a bar at the entrance along with Pan Asian fare on one side and Italian on the other as you walk past the long bar counter. Décor and cuisine are unique and if you are willing to shell out around 150-200 pounds for a fine evening. The menu also includes some of the finest in terms of its beverage, cuisine and dessert.

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Yet another very interesting restaurant is Sushi Samba at the Covent Garden. Situated at the Opera Terrace overlooking the Market Building, in the company of some of the coveted luxury brands, Sushi Samba’s menu is a medley of Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian cuisines. It is perhaps the only restaurant that offers the interesting combination of Japanese and South American gourmet fare under one roof. Of course all good things come at a price and a generous meal could come with the 200 pound tag (if you could resist a Kobe Churrasco or Beef Wagyu Ishiaki dish priced at 337 pounds and 1,000 pounds respectively).

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When it comes to fancy dining or drinks, London is the right place to be. The Gaucho Grill specialises in Argentinian cuisine. If you are homesick and fancy a little desi touch, one of the best Indian fine dining experiences in the British capital city can be found at the Michelin-star winner Quilon. Located within the Taj St James Court hotel at Buckingham Gate, Quilon features Indian coastal fare. If a typical English High Tea is more to your liking, try The Savoy at the Thames Foyer, a round of drinks at The Connaught bar or The Sanderson hotel. 

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Among the array of other fancy and luxurious restaurants in London city are Helene Darroze at The Connaught Hotel, The Square, Marcus at the Berkeley Hotel, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, Le Gavroche, Sketch Lecture Room & Library, which used to house Christian Dior’s London salon, or Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. The average cost at of these hot tables could be anywhere between 200 to 350 pounds. But hey, we are here to have a fine time and savour the best aren’t we? So who’s counting!

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