Quirk In Progress: A Journey Of Style, Art & Innovation With Sanjyt Singh

The Collective | Cover Story | Sanjyt Singh

Always brimming with creativity since his childhood, Sanjyt Singh (Luxury Interior Designer) embarked on a unique journey that led him from the realms of fashion to the world of design. After completing his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, he spent nine years working there, honing his skills and absorbing the vibrant energy of the fashion capital. Although his profession revolves around interior design, he doesn’t confine himself to a single field, allowing his soul to embrace the broader spectrum of design. He firmly holds the belief that his role as an interior designer is boundless and liberating. As the visionary founder of Sanjyt Syngh Studio, his trajectory stands as a testament to the profound impact of vision and innovation. Today, we applaud his extraordinary accomplishments, reshaping the interior design industry and how his soul belongs to design as a whole. Embark with us on a journey to savour his vision expressed through his distinctive style, introducing to you, Sanjyt X The Collective.

Edgy Comfort Meets Chic

Beyond Sanjyt’s creative pursuits, he draws inspiration from individuals who have transcended their respective professions, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yayoi Kusama, and Iris Apfel. In his first look, he effortlessly emanates a blend of comfort and chic clad in the timeless black sweatshirt by his favourite designer, Karl Lagerfeld, adorned with a vibrant blue t-shirt underneath, he impeccably mirrors his edgy persona. Teaming this ensemble with black jeans serves as a true reflection of his affinity for the colour black, while the splash of vibrant blue breathes life into his style. Sanjyt’s choice not only resonates with his love for creativity and innovation but also symbolizes his journey as an interior designer. His work goes beyond mere beautification; it establishes him as a formidable presence, a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Dynamic Lines: A Bold Attire

Sanjyt’s life is a testament to his free-spirited approach, remaining on top of trends while maintaining a deep love for all things fashion and design. With technical skills acquired over time and an inherent sense of fashion, he has carved a unique path for himself in the world of design. In his Second look, he effortlessly combines style with his love for vibrant colours. He wears an orange and blue D squared sweatshirt, symbolizing his comfortable yet chic approach along light blue jeans with hand stitched monograms complete this ensemble. Sanjyt’s attire reflects his philosophy of 30% fashion and 70% comfort in the workplace, following the quote By the author Paul Ardon – when you drop the fear of being judged you start living.

Where Basic Meets Bold

Dressing well, to Sanjyt, is a form of good manners, and he embodies this philosophy in his daily life. A believer in the idea that fear of judgement should never hold you back, he continues to evolve as a quirk in progress. With his third look. His favorite accessories? Wallet, sunglasses, and a bracelet, and he finds unique quirkiness in everything. He opts for a classic black T-shirt with fun and colourful caricature from BAPE and pairs it with a sleek black denim. This ensemble echoes his preference for edginess in the modern office environment. Just as he has streamlined the interior design business, keeps his style on trend yet functional, letting his work do the talking.

Sanjyt Syngh’s three distinctive looks embody the essence of a modern interior designer. His choice of attire reflects freshness, comfort, and fun, mirroring his approach to business. Through his studio, he has followed the same principles in his work across homes in India. Sanjyt’s style and vision serve as an inspiration for those who aim to make a mark in the contemporary business world while truly expressing himself. Just as The Collective encourages individuals to combine and create their unique styles, Sanjyt’s approach to design transcends boundaries, making his work both versatile and distinctive. His commitment to embracing quirks and trends aligns perfectly with The Collective’s mission of providing a diverse and inclusive platform for personal expression through fashion and design.

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