Rubber Soled Revolution

By Ashita Bhandari

They began as the Plimsolls in the 1870s and today, sneakers have been out there a long time. Evolving and updating over time, synchronized with trends and needs, just like any other fashion auxiliary; sneakers were primarily designed for sports and other physical activities. But as we all know, now they are not athleisure but also hip and trendy, wearable on a daily basis. Also known as runners, trainers, joggers and kicks, these have now become a fashion essential in every fashion-forward wardrobe.

With sneakers available in every colour, style, design and detailing, say goodbye to stilettos and discomfort! This season fashion is all about laidback styles and being at ease. Be it shirtdresses, over-sized hoodies or sneakers. The raging sneaker trend started with celebrities wearing sports outfits, trainer shoes, bomber jackets and gym pants as their everyday wear. After all, celebrities also need a break from their fancy, but not always comfortable, footwear.

Running an errand? Worried about appearing too dressy? Taking too long to choose your footwear? Long day, and perhaps a long night, ahead? The one-size fits all solution to each of these situations is the sneaker.

From Karl Lagerfeld designing shoes for Vans to Nike outdoing itself by adding sparkles to its sneakers, people are increasingly investing in luxury sneakers — a one-time fashion investment and a season-agonistic staple. What’s exciting is that you can carry them off with any outfit. A pretty summer dress, short skirts, long skirts, a pair of denims, pants, trousers, joggers to tuxedos and club wear, there’s a pair (or more) of sneakers for every look!

Sneakers go great with:

A Dress: Team a white pair of sneakers worn with socks (ballet socks or ankle socks preferably) or without to compliment a summer dress. Accessorize with sunglasses and throw on a denim jacket if the weather permits.

A Gown: Choose a colourful pair of sneakers to go with your gown. Carry along a chunky, bright coloured bag or purse.

Denims: Don’t think twice — put on any pair of sneakers whether metallic, sparkly, white or coloured with jeans, shorts or a skirt and any top. Everything works with denim and trainers.

A Tux: Wear midnight black lace sneakers with a tuxedo for an edgy and sophisticated look and set a trend.

A Club Night: Denims or pants with a polo and black, blue, white or red coloured kicks for men and a short jump suit with metallic or white pair for women — for a super comfy, and stylish look.

Some of the versatile sneakers are found in the collections of Versace Collection, Love Moschino, Adolfo Carli, Fred Perry and Armani Jeans. So go get yours today.

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