Tailoring Tramarossa

Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Chemello Urban after studying tailoring he had the idea of working denim using the same tailoring disciplines. With this knowledge Tramarossa started to manufacturer sartorial denim, using selvedge denim.

Tramarossa (Image Courtesy : Coney’s Designer wear)

In 2003 Chemello bought his sons into the business, Roberto, Paolo and Luigi. Who already had experience in developing denim collections, they helped to create Sartoria Tramarossa, which translated in to English means ‘Tailoring Tramarossa’.

This has helped Sartoria Tramarossa today to be known as one of the highest quality Italian denims in the market today.

Tramarossa (Image Courtesy :Pinterest)

Made in Veneto.

Veneto is well known as the one of the worlds best denim producing regions.

Sartoria Tramarossa making denim in Veneto adds massive value, as it means a great quality denim alongside a fantastic heritage.

Tramarossa personalization (Image Courtesy : Coney’s designer wear)


Tramarossa has innovated a way that each pair of jeans can be personalised by the wearer by adding their initials using metal letters. This alongside each pair being perfumed and individually packaged, only goes to prove what amazing denim jeans Sartoria Tramarossa are.

Wear with great pride.

Tramarossa ( Image Courtesy :Pinterest)

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