The Excellence of Italian Craftsmanship at Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen, the Italian denim brand was founded in 1985. They keep 1500 pairs of Legendary Italian jeans in stock all year. The world’s most sought-after denim specialists pride themselves on top-notch manufacturing.

The jeans are handmade with the finest Japanese fabrics and the art of Italian tailoring. After rare materials like ‘Kurabo denim’ are painstakingly sourced and imported from Japan, production takes place in the culturally rich region of Veneto. They are globally transferred to luxury department shops and exclusive boutiques after being changed into a pair of trendsetting bottoms and carefully tailored to a flawless fit and finish. Every stitch exudes a genuine feeling of quality and authenticity.

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No two pairs of jeans are ever the same, making them unique. Every patch, needlework, and abrasion is one-of-a-kind, designed to grow damaged with wear and mould to fit. With the denim, one also receives an exclusive tracking code that will reveal which artisans worked on which stage of the manufacturing process. This distinctive personal touch elevates the value of denim.


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Favourable to the environment, the Italian fashion house uses eco-friendly processes of production by eliminating the utilization of chemicals when it involves dying and washing their denim, using only the very tough Greek pumice. Exceptional and fundamental laundry techniques are used where the materials undergo a special washing procedure that’s completely freed from any synthetic properties. Treated, repeated, rinsed, brushed, pinched, and pressed – this natural denim wash and eco-friendly edge offers plentiful variety and quintessential quality.


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Jacob Cohen Jeans offer a combination of colourways ranging from light to dark washes. The designer brand has been selling denim in a variety of cuts and limited editions, all of which maintain the distinctive comfort fit. They’re experts at crafting these magnificent jeans that please your style by generating a transferrable blur between ‘relaxed cool’ and ‘sharp smartness,’ allowing you to wear them day or night with the same polished and easygoing allure.

Everything is presented flawlessly, right down to the tiniest detail. Customers will receive a spool of thread in the same colour as the stitches in a little cotton pouch, as well as a pumice stone, which will be packaged in a carton box and enclosed in fine Havana paper. This delicate touch restores the label’s identity and reminds clients of the label’s local luxury production level. Jacob Cohen is a true representation of fitted jeans, from silver-plated sculpted buttons to luxuriously rich labels fashioned from pony skin, with the chain-stitched hem and hand-written care instructions complementing this.

The hallmarks of the brand are aesthetically flawless seams, the use of labels and jewel buttons, sew-in tags (“Made in Italy” sewed in the national colours), contrasting chain stitch seams, pocket pouches in casual shirt fabrics and coloured pony badges and special editions.

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