The Host With The Most: The Collective is your guide to chic Holiday Entertaining

The Collective | The Host With The Most

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Every evening is a new reason to celebrate this season. As you go from one parry to the next, stand out when you host your own.

The Collective presents a curated selection of tips to create an ambience that ensures your party is the most spoken about, even as it amplifies the joyous spirit of the season.

It’s easy to throw a party. Call in the decorators and caterers and sit back while they take over. But the parties that truly stand out are the ones where the hosts and hostesses pay attention to event the smallest details. The Collective gives you a guide that promises to turn your holiday gatherings into sophisticated affairs that stand out and with panache and style.

1. Setting the Scene:

It’s all about setting the stage! Think luxe fabrics like velvet and silk to transform your space. Soft lighting from chandeliers or candles? That’s your secret weapon for creating that magical, Instagram-worthy glow.

2. Luxurious Tablescapes:

The table is your canvas. Dress it with fine china, crystal glassware, and polished silverware. Adorn it with fresh florals or seasonal centerpieces that exude sophistication. Consider personalized place cards or monogrammed napkins for that extra touch of exclusivity.

Catch our go-to all-white-and-gold tablescape here.

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3. Decadent Culinary Delights:

Impress with a menu that’s not just food, but an experience. Gourmet bites, signature dishes, and wine pairings that make taste buds do a happy dance. Don’t forget the custom cocktails – because basic drinks are so last season.

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4. Make it a signature welcome drink

Everyone has their own libation they prefer to make an evening even more enjoyable. But it’s a good idea to create your own signature welcome drink, something light or something warm and wonderful to go with the season. From a winter spice martini to a festive

champagne punch, devise your own drink that all your guests would enjoy. Our bartender-in -residence suggests a Paloma. Follow the recipe here.

5. Play with the list:

Your guests are coming in: set the vibe to welcome them in to a special evening with a personally curated line-up. This allows you to also change the mood as you build from warm and welcoming to more spirited and end the evening with after-dinner coffees and a mellow vibe.

Jazz classics, lo-fi hip-hop, or a mix of Christmas classics remixed! – it’s all about the tunes that make your guests feel like they’re in for a fun night.

6. Ensure you look your best to welcome your guests

Keep it simple and sophisticated, but ensure you let your guests know you made an effort to dress up and look your best, as you host them for a special evening. Celebrity make-up artiste Sangeeta Raj shares tips to create a look that is both trending and is still timeless. Less is more, is her maxim as she chooses colours and products that suit her own skin tone and type.

Watch her here.

Photo by Nicole Michalou

5. Personalized Touches:

Turn it into a magical night with some extra personalized touches. Send your guests home with bespoke party favors or specially picked treats. Handwritten notes or signature welcome cocktails? It’s the little things that make them feel like VIPs.

Elevate your holiday soirées to epic by curating an ambience that reflects your style and personal attitude. Every detail, from décor to drinks, should whisper “I woke up like this fabulous.”

Here’s to hosting with sass, entertaining like a socialite, and creating unforgettable memories in a setting that’s as glam as you are!

Stand out in the Celebration Season with signature pieces from luxe brands. Explore the Distinctives edit at The Collective – and enjoy the limelight.

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