Time to amp up your work space at home

Neha Verma

We now live in an era that has blurred the lines between workplace and home space. Even as we learn to juggle our lives between desktops and kitchen tops, truth be told, there isn’t much work that will get done lounging on a couch in your TV room while resolving a client matter.

The key to a good work-from-home routine lies in creating a work space that feels both comfortable and professional. Creating a work corner at home can seem daunting and confusing at first. But think of it as you would while decorating your own cubicle or workstation in your office. You want to personalise it but not go overboard with baby pictures and confetti. Also, your home office space needs to have the right kind of light, décor, comfortable seating and good ventilation.

Here are a few tips that will help you set up a home office space that makes you work-oriented while looking picture perfect on that Zoom call.

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Make way for some sunshine

Lighting is an essential part of setting up a work space as it completely transforms the mood and ambience. Too dull a room can make you feel lazy and lethargic and affect your productivity while too much light can be distracting and strain your eyes. The best way to resolve the lighting issue is to replace table lamps with natural light. Make sure you have a large window near your workspace to let in natural light. Natural light keeps you refreshed and alert. If you need additional lighting go for LED light panels that ensure maximum brightness and do not strain the eyes. Make sure you have enough light in the room for those long hours at night. Invest in some LED ring lights that can add brightness during video calls. Nobody wants to talk to a dark shadow under a stairwell.

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Brighten up your surroundings

You cannot be staring straight at the screen for hours and hence your environment and surroundings matter. Give life to your walls with colourful wallpapers, you could also put up some inspirational quotes for those days you feel demotivated. You could also enhance the walls with some bright coloured paintings, wall art, or sculptures. Creating a book shelf is an easy way to make a work space look professional. Also, use the lights to play up or accentuate certain objects, cabinets, pictures or points on your wall but avoid going overboard else it can turn into a distraction.

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Decorate your table

A boring laptop table isn’t an inspiration to work! Pretty up your workspace by planning it out carefully. Small elements add to the big picture.  Begin by adding the necessities like a calendar, a small table clock, a notepad and a pen stand. Later you could fancy it up by adding colourful quotes, a coffee mug, a fragrant candle and a small colourful lamp. Be careful not to add clutter and keep trays to organise your papers and files. This is a place you want to keep coming back and remember you do not have office boys to clean up after you. Keep a waste basket under your desk and always clean up at the end of your work hours.  

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