A Holiday Through Time

By Nikita Sachdev

Do you love the arts and antiques? Are you a travel buff and with a deep interest in historical treasures? Then you must check out this list of five museums to visit on your next holiday abroad.

The Louvre, Paris

Once a home to kings and queens, The Louvre is now one of the biggest museums in the world. Its gallery is filled with masterpieces including Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic ‘Mona Lisa’ and Michelangelo’s ‘Dying Slave’ that describes the plight of a slave. The museum also holds occasional exhibitions by other renowned artists and collection of works from ancient civilizations, like Greek and Roman.

Natural History Museum, London

Ever thought of experiencing what it’s like being close to a dinosaur? This museum gives you a chance to do so. The exhibits include skeleton structures of dinosaurs Iguanodon and Hypsilophodon, along with several other remains found around the world. The fun is not just limited to that you could also experience a night at the museum (check website for details). If you want something really special, book a dinner and sleepover with added excitement thrown in.

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Remember reading about Tutankhamun’s tomb back in your school history books? Here is a whole museum dedicated to the findings of the tomb. It’s true, you can experience it all for real. The museum holds some of the most gorgeous jewellery and two stone coffins made of gold. This museum also has a special Mummy room which is not to be missed. A temperature -controlled case houses mummies preserved in the best way, including having their fingernails, hair and teeth intact.

The Prado, Madrid

Housing Spain’s premium collection of art preserved by Spanish royalty — the kings and queens had a great taste for Spanish paintings by Flemish arts — the main attraction here is paintings by artist Diego Velazquez who was known for his compositions of amusing genre scenes. Other leading Spanish painters displayed in this vast museum include El Greco, Goya and Picasso. The are many paintings by other European artists too.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

A magnificent collection of artworks ranging over an astonishing 5000 year period, and with a permanent collection of more than two million works, the MET has many stories to tell. Located near Central Park, the collection includes ancient Egyptian art and artefacts, American modern art, collections of musical instruments, weapons and costumes, among others. Also look out for specially curated temporary exhibitions.

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